May 8, 2013 - The Legend of Mythica!!!!

After running to meet Max, we quickly made our way to the Mediterranean Harbor to watch "The Legend of Mythica!"

I absolutely LOVED this show!  It was definitely one of the most impressive things I've seen at a Disney Park.  The whole thing was in Japanese, yet, it didn't matter.  I saw the fabulous costumes I've come to expect from Tokyo Disneyland and these wonderfully intricate floats.

It starts off with Mickey and friends trying to unlock the door to Mythica, where legendary creatures used to live.  Each of the characters represent a particular spirit, when combined, has the power to do so.  Minnie represents the Spirit of Love, Donald represents the Spirit of Adventure, Goofy represents the Spirit of Laughter, Pluto represents the Spirits of Loyalty and Sincerity, Chip 'n' Dale represent the Spirit of Friendship and Mickey represents the Spirit of Imagination.  Through a spectacle on both water...

...and land...

...the Goddesses rise from their eggs from the character floats...

...thus signaling the return of the Legendary Creatures of Mythica!

There's just no way of describing the majesty of this show.  And, for 25 minutes, it does not slow down at all.  Like every Tokyo Disneyland production, the energy is so high, you can't help but get sucked in!!!


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