May 8, 2013 - Easter in New York

After meeting some characters, we went on a few attractions.  Some of us, including myself, went on Tower of Terror again (which I've blogged about before)...I still couldn't get enough of the pre-show with Shiriki Utundu.  Others got to ride Toy Story Mania! (which I will blog about when I actually got to ride it).  And, after, we all got back together to ride 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea back on Mysterious Island (I've also blogged about this attraction).  Actually, we were supposed to ride Journey To The Center Of The Earth...but, this was one of the numerous times when it broke down.  Sad camper!

We then headed back to New York Harbor to Waterfront Park where we saw mounds and mounds of people sitting on the ground.  They were all waiting for the "Easter in New York" show which is part of Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage.

As with most of the shows in Tokyo, the show is pretty much in Japanese.  But, again, it doesn't really matter because you end up with sensory overload from all the sights, sounds and colors.    The characters and performers in fabulous costumes is really all that matters.  But, it is funny that they label "Easter in New York" when Easter was long gone by that time.  Easter must just be synonymous with Spring in Japan.


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