May 8, 2013 - Disney Dreamers Everywhere Mexican Fiesta

After our lovely ride on the DisneySea Electric Railway, we headed over to the Lost River Delta where a dinner was being for us at Miguel's El Dorado Cantina.

It was very surreal to have a Mexican Fiesta at Tokyo DisneySea!  When in Japan, one does not think of eating Mexican food.  LOL!  But, truth be told, the food was actually delicious.  I don't know if I'd necessarily call it Mexican food, but it was a good recreation.  Unfortunately, again, I think during a tired and hungry haze, I didn't take a picture of the lovely buffet they laid out for us.  But, again, it was yummy!

After eating, suddenly, some familiar friends came out in Mexican outfits... was Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Chip 'n' Dale in fun, colorful outfits!  We, of course, went to take pictures with them!

Based on the amount of characters that came out during the event the night before, we kept thinking other characters were going to come out.  But, it was only the one set, which was fine because it was such a lovely evening and the characters were so fun (as always!).


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