May 7, 2013 - Star Tours: The Adventures Continue Opening At Tokyo Disneyland

One of the things happening this day was the opening of the upgraded Star Tours at Tokyo Disneyland!

We were so excited to be able to ride on grand opening day, especially since we heard that the line was SIX hours at park opening!

When you enter the queue, it looks more like a hangar than the other Star Tours I've been to.  Some cool video screens and signs are placed along the way.

Once you get to the main terminal, where C-3PO and R2-D2 are running diagnostics, things look fairly similar to other Star Tours attractions...

...except for the awesomeness of THIS - Freakin' Hitchhiking Ghosts!!!!! Why don't we have these?!?!

I like the way the boarding area is.  It seems more like a space port and seems less congested to me.

I also got a kick out of listening to the safety announcement in Japanese (sorry the audio is not the was loud in there).

Also, because of the grand opening, there was some cool Tokyo Disneyland merchandise available!  Look at these cute bag clip plushes I bought!

A funny note about buying merchandise.  The Tokyo Disneyland Resort makes more off merchandising than any other Disney Resort around the world.  Japanese Disney fans go nuts for the merchandise!  So, we were worried we'd never be able to find any of the merchandises lest we go to a location and stand in lines for hours.  The main Tomorrowland store, Planet M, had long lines just trying to get into the store.

But, while doing some shopping in the World Bazaar, I happened into a toy store and found mounds and mounds of Star Tours merchandise without tons of people sorting through it.  We asked one of the cast members why most people were lining up at Planet M and he told us that some people are VERY particular about where they buy their merchandise.

For example, while Duffy merchandise is all over Tokyo DisneySea, people will line up for hours just to buy it at Aunt Peg's Village Store.  And, they'll even keep the receipt to show they bought it there.  Again, you gotta love Japanese Disney fan commitment!


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