May 7, 2013 - A Late NIght Ride On Pooh's Hunny Hunt!

After our fantastic event, we headed back to the Tokyo Disneyland for one last ride!

We headed over to Fantasyland to ride Pooh's Hunny Hunt and I was so excited to ride this one!  Now, for anyone who's only experience on a Winnie the Pooh ride are the ones in California, Florida or Hong Kong, you must be wondering why I was so excited.  In Tokyo, this ride is actually an "E" Ticket and one of the most popular at the resort.  While I had heard this, it was so hard for me to get my head around how this could possibly be that popular.  That is, until I rode Mystic Manor with its trackless system and finally understood how awesome this ride could be as Pooh's Hunny Hunt also employs a trackless system.

I will say that, even with great expectation, this ride did NOT disappoint!  So fun!

Again, I cannot say enough about the trackless ride system.  It really does allow you to experience a ride in a totally different way.  Why don't we have trackless ride systems in the US?!?!?

On the way out, I caught a picture of Cinderella Castle at night... well as this Duffy fan! :)

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