May 7, 2013 - Disney Dreamers Everywhere Endless Sea of Characters Event!!!!

In the evening, we headed over to Disney's Ambassador Hotel where a Disney Dreamers Everywhere event was held for us at the Fantasia Ballroom!

A beautiful buffet dinner was set out for us...

I have to say, food-wise, this had to be my favorite dinner during all the trip.  The sushi and yakatori bar alone just had me going back for more.

But, before we were able to take a bite of any of our food, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy came out in their Tokyo Disneyland 30th Anniversary outfits!

Oh, how fun it was to see them!  I suddenly thought about grabbing a plate of food when, suddenly, this group of characters came out dressed in outfits from different past shows and parades!  Chip 'n' Dale in their Summer Oasis Splash outfits, Stitch in his Be Magical outfit, Angel in her Mid Summer Night Panic outfit, Max in his Cool the Heat outfit, Pluto in his Rhythms of the World outfit and FREAKIN' Clarabelle Cow in her Huli Huli Ohana Bash outfit!

OMG!  What beautiful costumes!  And, how often does Clarabelle Cow come out in another outfit?  After they left, I turned to get some food and, then, suddenly, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, and Goofy came out again...this time, they were ALSO dressed in outfits from past shows and parades!  Mickey was dressed in his Boat Builder outfit, Minnie in her Campus Day outfit, Donald in his Spring Carnival 2008 costume, Daisy in her Easter Parade outfit and Goofy in his Cool Panic costume!

How I loved Donald's outfit!  What a great assortment of characters!  After they left, I turned to get some food and, suddenly, the most random group of characters came out in the most AMAZING costumes.  I had such a visceral reaction.  I remember looking at my friend Dan and all we could say was "OH! MY! GOD!" over and over again.  It was The Three Pigs in their Club Disney outfits, Clarice in her Soryo Kobu outfit, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in their Easter Parade outfits, and Pinocchio in his Dreams on Parade costume!

I could have DIED seeing the Three Pigs in costumes that looked like they borrowed from the Village People...and, I mean this in a good way!  I LOVED Practical Pig as a Native American Chief!  The Three Pigs costumes were among my favorite during the ENTIRE trip.  I loved the Tweedles as well.  They looked like cute little Easter Eggs!

And, so, I was almost afraid to turn to get dinner, but, thankfully, they gave us a break to eat.  Although, we were almost afraid to eat in fear of missing what might come next.  That said, that didn't stop me from going back and forth to the yakatori bar at least 300 times.  Did I mention how yummy the food was?

After dinner, our Disney Dreamers Everywhere theme song started to play and, suddenly, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Max, Chip 'n' Dale, Pluto, Clarabelle Cow, and Lilo & Stitch came out in traditional Kimono!!!!!!  So, if you want to know exactly how I reacted to this (this was pretty much my reaction to all the sets), you can hear me quite loudly having a heart attack from all the excitement in this video taken from my friend and fellow Disney Dreamer Emma...LOL!

And, here are the pictures!

As the characters left, they played our theme song again and I remember weeping (literally) with joy at how magical the evening was.  It was an amazing dinner and Disney Dreamer Everywhere event!  In the title of this blog entry, I entitle this event the "Disney Dreamers Everywhere Endless Sea of Characters Event."  It didn't really have a title, but that's what it felt like.  Apparently, this is the first time Tokyo Disneyland has held private events and, if this was their first try, they truly impressed.  It was definitely one of my favorite events from the trip and one of the most memorable of all time!


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