May 6, 2013 - Walking through Westernland

After we passed through Adventureland, we headed into Tokyo Disneyland's version of Frontierland - Westernland!  The rename was made because "frontier" doesn't translate the same in Japanese.  The architecture pretty much resembles what one would find in Frontierland.

They even have the Country Bear Jamboree at Tokyo Disneyland...

Speaking of the Country Bears, we also happened to meet Big Al...

...and Wendell (check out Little Sally and Brennan photobombing me in the background).

We also happened across Westernland Chip...

...'n' Dale!


  1. So... what were your overall thoughts about Westernland and Adventureland? You say you walked through them, and what was there, but I'm interested to find out what you REALLY thought.

  2. It is hard to really formulate an opinion about the lands since we rushed through quite a bit of it. I got more of a sense of Critter Country and Tomorrowland since we spent a little more time there. From what I saw of Adventureland and Westerland, I thought they looked nice.


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