May 6, 2013 - Opening Ceremony for Tokyo Disneyland

That evening, we headed over to Tokyo DisneySea where we would watch a performance of "Big Band Beat" at the Broadway Music Theatre in the American Waterfront and then hold our Opening Ceremony for the Tokyo Disneyland Resort.

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures of "Big Band Beat" (I'll talk about this camera rule in a later entry), but it was a fabulously produced show with high energy and wonderful swing music.  I thought it was just fantastic and I was tapping my feet and dancing in my seat the entire time.

After the performance, we stuck around inside the theater where our Opening Ceremony for the Tokyo Disneyland Resort would take place.

The host and translator came out to introduce the show.

What was funny about the translation was that we would hear the host speak in a high pitched, loud, fast voice (think of watching an anime) while the translator would speak in a low pitched, soft sounding, slow voice (imagine something akin to an airport curbside announcement).  But, if that weren't enough, the translate would translate things that didn't really need to be said.  For example, Marie was asked to move to the center of the character group.  And, the translator actually said, "Marie has moved to the center as requested."  LOL!  It was probably funnier if you were there.

Then, Mickey, Minnie and Daisy dressed in beautiful kimono and Marie came out with Tokyo Disneyland Ambassador Ayaka Nagai.

Daisy Duck, being our character ambassador for Tokyo, joined Ms. Nagai center stage for the signing of the Disney Deeamer Everywhere Passport.

We were also able to go on stage to take pictures with some of the characters.  I absolutely loved the Kimonos on the characters, but I think my favorite was Mickey's...


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