May 6, 2013 - A Late Night Ride on Tower of Terror!

After our opening ceremony, we took a ride on the Tower of Terror!

I was so excited to ride this one as I had heard the storyline is different from the ones in the United States and Paris.  First of all, the ride is not a "Twilight Zone" Tower of Terror.  So, that's the first difference right there.  There is no Rod Serling narrating the ride.

The major difference is that the hotel is not a Hollywood Tower Hotel.  The hotel is the Hotel Hightower, owned by the wealthy treasure seeker Harrison Hightower III.  They tie his storyline into the American Waterfront as owner of both the hotel and the S.S. Columbia.

Anyway, he has traveled the world taking artifacts for his own personal collection.  While in Africa, he takes an idol called Shirki Utundu.  The people are not happy that he took it and threatens him with a curse.  When he arrives home, during a press conference, the idol comes to life and, when he enters the elevator, Shiriki Utundu causes it to plunge and for Harrison Hightower disappear.

From the outside, you can see the power of the Shirki Utundu hit the elevator.

Sadly, we were told that we couldn't take any pictures.  I tried to snap this picture of the Shiriki Utundu idol, but, as you can see, it looks misty because I had to put my camera down quickly after I was scolded for taking a picture.  LOL!

I really loved the storyline and the effect in the pre-show with the Shiriki Utundu idol is absolutely amazing.  We rode Tower of Terror a couple of times during our visit and I could not figure out how they did it.  But, I did find this video on YouTube that shows you what the effect looks like.  The expression change on Shirki Utundu is wonderfully creepy!

Now, I would almost call this my favorite of the Tower of Terrors would it not be for the actual ride itself.  While it is similar to the ones in California and Paris, the biggest difference is the use of a shoulder strap.  My favorite part of the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is, when you let your body relax, you feel like your floating.  And there is something exciting about the fact that the only thing holding you down is a lap belt.

The shoulder strap, however, makes the ride seems slower and that you're just moving up and down.  For me, there didn't seem like such a feeling of free fall.

While the actual ride was a little disappointing, I would definitely say that, for overall experience, Tower of Terror at Tokyo DisneySea is awesome and I love it!  I could watch the pre-show over and over and over again.


  1. It's such an amazing effect! I watched the video to remind myself of how it looked... and it's SO quick! I just can't figure out how they could physically move it so quickly!!

  2. I seriously cannot figure out how they did it. The expression change, I would imagine, would require some sophisticated technology. So, he couldn't just drop through the pedestal. I wish I could have watched it again and again!


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