May 6, 2013 - "Happiness Is Here" Parade

So, as you know, Tokyo is celebrating its 30th Anniversary which it has labeled "The Happiness Year."

To mark the occasion, the park has premiered a new parade entitled "Happiness Is Here."  This is one of the best parades I've seen in awhile.  My friends say that the previous parade "Jubilation" was a little better, but having no frame of reference for a Tokyo Disneyland parade before, I was blown away by this parade!  The floats were just fantastic and the costumes were so bright and colorful.  More bright and colorful than any other parade I've seen.  It looks so fresh that I wouldn't be surprised that they incinerate the costumes after each performance and sew new ones.  LOL!  And the performers are off the charts with energy.  Such an AMAZING parade!  Now I understand why some people save their space for hours for this parade.

The biggest sadness was that the King of Hearts, who's made his debut in this parade, didn't appear today.  When the winds are too high, Tokyo Disneyland will cancel the parade (which would be a bummer for those who waited hours for it).  Thankfully, they didn't cancel the parade, but they did remove certain elements, including the King of Hearts from the Alice in Wonderland unit.

Now, as I mentioned before, I'm not usually a fan of modern Disney Theme Park music.  I think most of it sounds very irritating and uninspired at times.  But, I have to say I love the music to the "Happiness Is Here" parade.  Maybe because I was so happy while watching the parade (I guess it really did bring the happiness here), but I caught myself humming it throughout our stay in Tokyo.


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