May 6, 2013 - Entering Tokyo Disneyland and the World Bazaar

When you enter Tokyo Disneyland, you pass into the World Bazaar which is the park's version of Main Street USA.  I'm still not exactly sure why they call it World Bazaar when the street still ultimately represents, for the most part, turn of the century America.

What's really disarming is the giant glass ceiling that covers the whole area.

I understand they have it to protect guests from the rains that often hit the area, but, it's not like they don't cover the entire park with such a ceiling.  It also makes the whole area look more like a series of facades than give the illusion of actually being in another time and place.

Also different than the other Main Streets of the other parks is that the World Bazaar has two alley ways that connect with different lands.  This one leads to Tomorrowland...

...and this one to Adventureland.


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