May 6, 2013 - Critter Country

Since we had no luck with characters in Toontown, we headed over to Critter Country.

I absolutely loved Tokyo's Critter Country.  Unlike Disneyland's Critter Country, which re-purposed Bear Country, Tokyo Disneyland's Critter Country was unencumbered by pre-existing architecture.  So, this Critter Country feels like an actual place in which characters from the Song of the South, the sole inspriration for this land, would love with buildings and structures built directly into the hills.

There are also fun critter statues throughout.

Critter Country also only has one attraction - Splash Mountain.

After having rode this Splash Mountain, I have to say that it's my favorite one.  It has the side-by-side logs that I like at Walt Disney World as well as the smoothness of the ride through in order to take pictures, but, at the same time, has more of the drama and actual splash of the Disneyland version.  In other words, its a nice combination of the two other versions.


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