May 5, 2013 - The New York Harbor section of The American Waterfront

Perhaps my favorite land at Tokyo DisneySea was the American Waterfront which represents the US Northeastern seaboard during the early part of the 20th Century.  Right now, I'm going to blog about the New York Harbor section as the Cape Code section (also known as the Home of Duffy the Disney Bear) should get its own entry.

I have always been enamored with this time period in American history.  I always love looking at old photos of this era.  Stepping into the New York Harbor of the American Waterfront is like stepping into one of these photos.

The first part of the New York Harbor section looks like early 20th Century New York streets.  There are two streets that take you down to the Harbor.  On the left side, you have what appears more of a shopping and dining district, complete with Broadway style theater at the end.

On the right side, with the elevated railway covering the street, the area seems a little more run down (purposely so) to give the feel of a waterfront activity.

There's something that gives this place a lot of energy, whether it be the Big City Vehicles that roll through the streets... the DisneySea Electric Railway that transports guests to and from Port Discovery!  I absolutely loved watching the Railway come in and out of the station overhead.

At the end of the two streets, you feel more like you're in a harbor area.  The first thing you see is the new Toy Story Midway Mania area.  It has the feel of a Turn of the Century Boardwalk Carnival.  It's so charming in its design incorporating little Toy Story details throughout.  It's absolutely beautiful and I wish that they'd redesign Paradise Pier at Disney California Adventure to have a similar feel.

Then, there's the Tower of Terror which looks completely different from any of the other Tower of Terrors around the world.  This one is more American Gothic than Spanish Colonial or Moorish Revival versions at the other park.  It also has a different story line which I'll share later in our journey.

And, finally, we have the actual waterfront area, complete with the S.S. Columbia, a replica of an early 20th Century Cruise ship.

The S.S. Columbia is home to one attraction - Turtle Talk with Crush... well as a couple of restaurants...

But, not only is the interior as beautiful as a cruise ship of the time would be...

...the exteriors offer walkways that recreate the ship deck feel!

The views from the ship are simply wonderful!

 Outside the ship, there is a nicely themed port area ...

More to come on the New York Harbor section of the American Waterfront in the entries ahead as we continue to visit Tokyo DisneySea during our leg of the Disney Dreamers Everywhere Tour, including character meet-and-greets, some impressions of the attractions and photos of a couple of the fantastic shows!


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