May 5, 2013 - Mysterious Island

Mysterious Island is inspired by Jules Verne's book The Mysterious Island and offers several Jules Verne inspired attractions, including ones based on 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and Journey To The Center Of The Earth.

The "island" is built into Mount Prometheus, which even smokes and erupts on occasion!

In the middle of Mysterious Island is a lake that bubbles accordingly with the volcano.  It also houses Captain Nemo's ship The Nautilus.

One of the attractions we did ride was 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

To get to the attraction, you go down a spiral walkway...

...and board a submersible pod like this.

I couldn't get many pictures during the ride because of the darkness.  But, it is an underwater ride that takes us through an ancient civilization complete with an alien race living under the sea.  I did snap this picture of Dan and Jon from Character Central in one of the submersible pods.  LOL!

Mysterious Island also has a really cool designed restaurant called Vulcania (which is the actual name for the Mysterious Island in Jules Verne's book).

The one ride I never got to go on during the trip that I really wanted to was Journey To The Center Of The Earth.  Sadly, the ride was having issues during our stay there and, every time we tried to ride, it would break down again. :( 


  1. Such a flattering picture of us... not LOL! :P

  2. LOL! You love it. Plus, I have to make up for all the sleeping pictures of me on facebook. LOL! At least I got the Website correct this time. ;)


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