May 5, 2013 - Mediterranean Harbor

I was thinking about how to blog about this day at Tokyo DisneySea and decided to blog by land rather than a chronological account.  That way, I can give you my impressions of each land.  So, if you notice it getting darker in some photos, it's not because there was a solar eclipse or anything.  LOL!

So, as I mentioned, the first land as you enter Tokyo DisneySea is the Mediterranean Harbor which serves as a sort of hub for the park in that all pathways to the various lands lead past this area.  As you've seen, the first thing you see across the Harbor is Mount Prometheus towering over an Italian port.

When you turn around, you can see the other side of the Hotel MiraCosta.  What's interesting is how the rock work is so beautifully detailed on the entrance side of the MiraCosta.  But, once you enter the park the detailing seems to be reduced to painted facade work.  It is a wonder given the level of detailing the park has overall.  Yes, still, it is beautiful.

This was a cute detail.  Topolino is the Italian name for Mickey Mouse.

On one side of the Mediterranean Harbor is a Venetian themed waterway in which Venetian Gondolas transport guests.

And on another side was this charming Italian alley way that led to a restaurant.  What I loved about this alley way is that, while it didn't serve any greater purpose than a walkway (although I understand sometimes characters meet there), the attention to detail is still superb.

There is no bad view around the Harbor...

One of the stores we went into was Villa Donaldo which had some really cute details...

One place I wish I had more time to explore was Fortress Explorations, the fortress at the Italian port at the foot of Mount Prometheus.

There is a formal restaurant called Magellan's which looks really beautiful inside.  They only let us step into the foyer to take pictures and couldn't get much further.

In the fortress are lots of cool activities...

...and you can even explore the ship at port (although, due to time, I didn't get to climb aboard the ship).

Coming up in future blog entries will be some of the fantastic shows that play on the waters of the Harbor as well as some character meet-and-greets here.

While the Mediterranean Harbor might be a jumping off point for the park, its visual beauty and details will always stick out in my mind as my favorites.


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