May 5, 2013 - Duffy Land! Er...I mean the Cape Cod Village section of the American Waterfront

Onwards to the Cape Cod section of the American Waterfront!  I wanted to talk about this section separately from the New York Harbor mainly because it has such a different feel, but, also, because this section is devoted completely to Duffy the Disney Bear!  Yes...Duffy the Disney Bear that barely manages any lines in the U.S. Disney Parks.  At Tokyo DisneySea (actually, Japan in general), Duffy is a superstar!  People love this little guy!

For example, check this person out with all their Duffy accoutrements!  Heck, they even wheel him around in a stroller!

Throughout the park, they even have Duffy photo locations, such as this one in the Mediterranean Harbor...

...and this one in Cape Cod Village...

...and a large section of every store throughout Tokyo DisneySea is devoted JUST to Duffy merchandise!

Heck, they even have a snack treat in the form of Duffy's head!

So, it is no surprise that a whole land would be devoted to this little guy and his friends.  The Cape Cod section of the American Waterfront is accessed by crossing a bridge.  As you enter, you see this sign on the bridge which I thought is funny.

So many questions...does this mean that the shot heard down the road by the brave men of Cape Cod village was held on any date in 1774?  And, wouldn't any shot be heard down the road, especially a gun from 1774?  LOL!

Anyway, the area is quite charming.

While the main attractions are the meet-and-greet area (note the HOUR wait for Duffy's friend ShellieMay)...

...and a show devoted to Duffy (both of these areas I'll go into depth with later), the craziest thing here is the STORE devoted to Duffy - Aunt Peg's Village Shop.  This is, apparently, THE place to shop for new Duffy stuff and people will line up for hours to buy items HERE.

So, of course, I had to buy something.  Yes, I actually stood in line for what seemed like eternity (yet, not even a fraction of what some people will wait) to spend $27 on small bag plushes of ShellieMay and Duffy's seagull friend Tippy Blue.  LOL!

Anyway, like I said, more to come on Duffy Land...I mean, the Cape Cod Village...including the "My Friend Duffy" show and my meet with ShellieMay!


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