May 5, 2013 - Bon Voyage! and Ikspiari

By the early evening, we left Tokyo DisneySea and took the Disneyland Resort Line to the Tokyo Disneyland stop.

We decided to walk from here to Bon Voyage!, Tokyo Disneyland's version of the World of Disney, and Ikspiari, its version of Downtown Disney.

Along the way, there is a walkway with several bronze statues of famous Disney characters.  Sadly, when you take pictures of them, it exposes one of the problems with Tokyo Disneyland.  Like Disneyland in Anaheim, there isn't a great deal of space around Tokyo Disneyland.  So, you can see the outside world around the park (although, I think Disneyland in Anaheim does a little better job trying to conceal the outside world).  For example, this statue of Brer Rabbit, I was able to get a nice shot with the Disneyland Hotel in the background...

But, with these other shots of the character statues, all you can see is parking lot, cars and freeway...

Once we crossed the bridge, we came across Bon Voyage! which, as I said, is the resort's version of World of Disney.  It's very nicely themed and shaped like a suitcase from the outside.

Inside are lots of cute statues of Mickey and friends!

Crossing another bridge, we were in Ikspiari, Tokyo Disneyland's version of Downtown Disney.

Ooh!  Oz The Great and Powerful in Japanese!

We, of course, went to the Disney Store there to check out merchandise...

One of the most unique pieces of merchandise to the Tokyo Disney Store were these UniBEARsity bears, which I thought were so cute.  I'll talk more about them when we visit the Disney Store in Shibuya.

Also at Ikspiari is the Disney Vacation Club...

I actually wish I had taken more pictures of Ikspiari itself.  But, by the time we got here, I was dead tired and am fairly sure that I was sleeping walking at points.  LOL!  I'm amazed that I actually got any photos while I was there.

Thankfully, the Maihama train station was close to take us back to the hotel!


  1. EDIT: I was dead tired and am fairly sure that I was sleeping walking at points and Dan had taken a picture, and posted it to Facebook no doubt...


    This was the night you almost died going up the hill too, right? We hd to get a cab lol.

  2. LOL! Yes...I was so tired by the end of the day and was out of batteries by the time I climbed the endless stairs of the subway station! Many thanks to Jon for hailing that cab!!


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