May 5, 2013 - Arabian Coast

Across the way from the Mermaid Lagoon is yet another beautifully themed land - The Arabian Coast which is inspired by the tales of 1,001 Arabian Nights, of which the story of Aladdin is part of!

When you pass through the arches, you make your way past a fountain...

...and down the stairs to this fabulous plaza area which houses many of the land's attractions.

While these flowers with the Genie's face have been added for the Spring Voyage celebration...

...the Arabian Coast's main inspiration is Disney's Aladdin.  The fountain in the middle of the Plaza is adorned not only with a giant Genie on top, but the Shedu that surround the fountain have the Genie's face.

The Caravan Carousel also features the Genie and other Aladdin themes.

There is even an Aladdin themed show at the Magic Eye Theater (again, we never got to see this show, sadly).

When you leave the plaza area, you are taken into an area of the Arabian Coast that makes you feel like you're in the crowded streets of Agrabah when Aladdin was a street rat scrounging for food.

There's a lovely fountain with Jasmine's picture on it here...

...and, so sad for Jafar that his Shop of Wonders has been closed down by the Sultan. :)

We went inside the Agrabah Marketplace where some of the more unique land themed items could be found...

...and there was Abu's Bazaar where you could play games to win either a plush Chip or Dale.

The great thing about these games was than nobody leaves empty handed.  If you don't win the plush, you get your choice of a Disney pin especially designed for the game.  Everybody's a winner!  They should do this in the US!

Past the marketplace, there are a couple other attractions in the Arabian Coast.  There's Jasmine's Flying Carpets which is similar to the Magic Carpets of Aladdin at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

And there is Sinbad's Storybook Voyage which is the only attraction based on another story from 1,001 Arabian Nights and one that is not based on a Disney film.  It is a dark ride on boats similar to "it's a small world" or Pirates of the Caribbean, but follows the travels of original characters Sinbad and his pet tiger Chandu (see the plush tiger above).  This is one of the few rides we went on this day and I absolutely loved it!  I fell in love with Chandu!  I wish he were a character out to meet guests!

So, that's it for now for the Arabian Coast.  I'll revisit it a little later to tell you about some of the characters we met here later in our journey!


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