May 4, 2013 - Special Advance Preview of Mystic Point

When we rounded the curve at Grizzly Gulch, we saw the sign that told us where we were going next - A special advance preview of Mystic Point, the newest land at Hong Kong Disneyland!

(Okay...I lied.  We knew when we returned to our rooms before when they left a note and a special Mystic Point luggage tag on our bed...but, a) I thought I'd leave you in suspense and b) I forgot to take a picture of the note and luggage tag)

We then looked over to the gates of Mystic Manor where we saw a couple of cast members in Mystic Point costumes standing in front.

Suddenly, and with great excitement, the gates to Mystic Point opened!  A row of cast members, also wearing Mystic Point costumes, were lined up.  A lone figure made his way from Mystic Manor to greet us.  He called himself James Mystic, nephew of Professor Henry Mystic, the owner of Mystic Manor.  James Mystic would be our guide that morning!

First, James gave us a little history of Mystic Point and about his eccentric uncle who owned Mystic Manor.

James then led us to the Garden of Wonders which contained three sculptures that offered optical illusions. It's a really cute idea as part of the new land.

Each sculpture you view through a special viewfinder like this.

And when you look through it, it will go from this... this!

Same goes for this one...

This final one makes it appear as if you're standing on one of the pillars when you look through the viewfinder.

Aside from the three optical illusion pieces, there are benches that make this a nice scenic park area.

While people continued to wander through the Gardens of Wonder, I asked James if I could take a picture with him to mark this occasion.

Then, James led us to the Mystic Point Train Depot where ambassadors from around the world the Mystics met during their travels did some dance numbers.

After the ceremony, we were able to take a picture with the ambassadors.

Also around the Train Depot are various fun photo opportunity sculptures.

Finally, it was time for the centerpiece of the land - MYSTIC MANOR!!!

First, we were taken within the queue to view several of Henry Mystic's portraits...

Then, we were led into a room where Professor Mystic gives us a little slideshow and history of some of his artifacts.  It is here where we are introduced to his pet monkey Albert!

After the slide show, we were ready to board...

...and be taken on one of the most magical rides I've ever been on.  The ride revolves around Albert causing mischief by opening a magical music box that turns inanimate objects alive.

I INSTANTLY fell in love with it and can say, without a doubt, that this is one of my favorite attractions now at any Disney Park. It is amazing and nothing like anything I could have imagined or expected. It uses a trackless car system which I had never experienced before and it made me wonder why more rides weren't being developed in such a fashion!  The trackless system allows you to experience a ride in such a wonderful new way!  And I instantly fell in love with Albert! I just wish we could have gone on it more times!

After the ride, we were given a very, very short time to shop in the store.  Unfortunately, they only had a small amount of merchandise...mainly clothing that did not fit me.  Sadness!  I wish they had merchandise featuring Albert...which they had on display, but, sadly, was not ready for purchase.


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