May 4, 2013 - Hong Kong Disneyland Closing Ceremony

After our ride on Mystic Manor and our extremely brief stop in the store, James Mystic led us to the Explorer's Club, the land’s restaurant. 

 Each room in the restaurant is themed after a different country. We were brought into the China Room where we were greeted by Goofy in his Good Fortune Costume and Hong Kong Disneyland Ambassador Arthur Lau for our closing ceremony.

Daisy Duck, our ambassador for our Japan leg of our trip, came in with Japanese Kimono to guide the way.

Then, all of us were given these amazing Disney Dreamers Everywhere Passports to be signed by both the Disney Resort and Character Ambassador of each park. WHAT A WONDERFUL SURPRISE!!!! 

Before we left, a few friends came out to say good-bye!

I took a quick picture with Goofy, our Hong Kong Ambassdor, Daisy, our Tokyo Ambassador, and Arthur Lau.

Mickey and Minnie wore their Year of the Mouse costumes.

Donald and Pluto were in their Year of the Dragon costumes... were Chip 'n' Dale!

Afterward, we sadly had to bid adieu to Hong Kong Disneyland. Our guides and other executives came out to say good-bye, all of them waving to us. In closing, I just have to reiterate how wonderful the cast members of Hong Kong Disneyland are. You really feel like they go the extra mile and they make an effort to get to know you. I really feel sad to say good-bye to them. And, while they might not have the rarest of characters, the number of different and new costumes for the VIP characters were just amazing.


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