May 3, 2013 - A Soggy Orbitron Ride with Stitch!

The weather started turning (sadly for the worse) as we headed toward Tomorrowland.

Our hosts had planned a trip on the Orbitron for us with a special guest.  But, there was some discussion as to whether they should do it since rain was starting to come.  Ultimately, a decision was made to do it before the rain really came down.

It turned out Stitch wanted to ride with us!  Those are my friends Jon and Dan (from Character Central!) who got to ride behind our favorite alien.  Lucky ducks!

Sadly, shortly after the ride started, the rain started coming down hard.  We all ran for cover off the ride.  Oh, poor Stitch!  At least he got his own umbrella!

It was fun while it lasted and a nice surprise.  A memorable one to say the least!


  1. not .com :P

  2. D'oh! I knew that! Sorry, Dan! It's fixed now! :)


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