May 24, 2013 - Roger Rabbit's Toontown Dream

After a great day of dreaming at the Magic Kingdom, we started our next day for a little dreaming at Walt Disney Studios Park before we had our Gala Dinner and Closing Ceremony and Finale for Disneyland Paris and the Disney Dreamers Everywhere Tour...

We were brought to the big archway and saw that we were ready for our close up, Mr. DeMille!  We were having a mad Hollywood Magic Movie Dream!

As we walked into our Movie Magic Dream, we were greeted by a couple of "Production Assistants" who took us to where Mickey and Friends were getting ready to film a movie.

Suddenly, everyone was calling for the director of today's movie...

Honestly, I didn't know who the Director was going to be.  I looked around at everybody thinking that it might be one of us, or most likely, our Disney Dreamers Everywhere host.  Then, suddenly, this famous rabbit came exploding out of the brick wall with a little "shave and a hair cut...TWO BITS!"

Seriously, my jaw dropped to the floor like a toon!  I was floored!  I didn't see that coming...nor did I actually expect Roger Rabbit to make his entrance by busting through the brick wall.  It was AWESOME!

Anyway, after his fabulous entrance, Roger Rabbit said hello to the crew and stars...

...and, is always the case with these events, a little song and dance was needed...

Then, it was time to bring in his leading lady and Roger asked his best friend Eddie Valiant (YES!  Eddie Valiant) to go meet her!

And, of course, Jessica Rabbit made her own fabulous entrance...

...and it was time for her to shoot a scene with Donald Duck!

Roger, of course, showered her with praises!

And, now, another musical dance number took place celebrating this movie magic moment!

After the number, there was time for breakfast at Café des Cascadeurs (Stuntman's Cafe...since it is right near Moteurs... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular) which is actually the oldest structure at ANY Disney park, dating back to 1950...5 years before Disneyland itself opened.  It was an old diner in New Jersey which came into German hands in 1995 and then eventually sold to Disney for its home at Walt Disney Studios Park.  I'm not sure why I didn't take pictures inside, but it's a great diner and, before I learned the history, thought that they did a good job making it authentic.  LOL!

After breakfast, it was time to meet the characters!

Photo from Disney Dreamers Everywhere

Photo from Disney Dreamers Everywhere
Photo from Disney Dreamers Everywhere

Photo from Disney Dreamers Everywhere
Photo from Disney Dreamers Everywhere

Photo from Disney Dreamers Everywhere

Photo from Disney Dreamers Everywhere
Photo from Disney Dreamers Everywhere

Photo from Disney Dreamers Everywhere

And, after the photo opportunities were done, the characters took one final group shot together and said their good-byes!

Honestly, I didn't think yesterday could be topped.  The backdrop of the amazing Disneyland Paris Park, I did not think, could not be matched!  No offense to Walt Disney Studios Park, but I was honestly expecting a pleasant morning, but, never expected anything like this.  Seeing not only Roger Rabbit, but Eddie Valiant and Jessica Rabbit was amazing.  And, before everybody gets down on Jessica Rabbit, while I agree she would have probably made a better face character, she didn't look as strange in person.  I was just so glad to see her!!!  It was a total surprise to me!

"Roger Rabbit's Toontown Dream" was, by far, one of my favorite events during the whole trip!!!


  1. I agree that too many have gotten down on Jessica. She looks just fine as she is and they should just be happy that she graced the parks with her presence.

    I really wish they would read's wonderfully-written article that explains why Jessica will not get the face character treatment in the parks:


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