May 24, 2013 - Meet and Dreams: Dream of Glory

As we did at Disneyland Paris the day before, we divided into groups to go on a couple of "Meet and Dreams" set up for the Disney Dreamers Everywhere.

Our first stop "Meet and Dreams" was our "Dream of Glory" which was set up at Toon Studios near the Art of Disney Animation building.  But, before we got to the "Meet and Dream," our host asked us to close our eyes.  He led us hand in hand to the location and we were all giddy with excitement.  While I thought about peeking, I decided I really did want to be totally surprised.

When we stopped and opened our eyes, we found ourselves faced with DARKWING "Let's Get FREAKIN' Dangerous" DUCK!!!!!

Now, you have to understand, Dan, Jon and I have always talked about wanting to meet Darkwing Duck.  It is one that we constantly bring up and he was one of our holy grails of characters.  So, to see him before my eyes, I have to admit I got extremely emotional and that's why it looks like I'm crying in my pictures.  LOL!

Okay...that turned out to be one of my favorite days my lifetime!


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