May 24, 2013 - Disney Dreamers Everywhere Gala Dinner and Finale: Part 3 - Grand Finale Dinner Show

After the Paris Disney Dreamer University ceremony, we were led into another room with several dinner tables and a big stage with a runway.  On the screen on the stage appeared the words...

Suddenly, the screen opened and transported us to the Disney Bros. Studios where Walt Disney is about to dream up his most famous creation - Mickey Mouse!

...and, soon, the dreams start flowing with the creation of Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto and Chip 'n' Dale!

As they were all formed from dreams, Mickey is interested in what his friends dream of, starting with Donald!  Donald dreams of traveling and, so, Mickey sends him to Latin America, starting first in Uruguay!

Soon, and my jaw dropped to the floor, Gauchito and Burrito from Walt Disney's The Three Caballeros came out and joined Donald!  Never in my lifetime did I think they would ever be characters!  And, they looked AMAZING!

Next, we were off to Brazil to meet Jose Carioca, our favorite Brazilian parrot friend!  Jose takes us to one of his favorite places - Baia!

And, while traveling through Baia, they come across a Yaya who is selling her sweets.  They then follow her around to the song "Os Qundins de Yaya," one of my favorite numbers in The Three Caballeros.  And, I have to say my mind was BLOWN by this scene.  The Yaya looked and acted exactly like Aurora Miranda in the movie!  It was absolutely captivating!

And, lastly, we headed to Mexico where we were met by our favorite Mexican rooster Panchito Pistoles!  The Three Caballeros were now all together!!!

Next, Mickey takes Daisy Duck on an adventure to Wonderland.  He starts off by drawing a picture of Alice and, the next thing we knew, she came tumbling out as a real live Alice!

Daisy, Mickey and Alice find themselves in the Tugley Wood and see the White Rabbit who, of course, was late for a very important date!

After chasing the White Rabbit, they find themselves face to face with the Cheshire Cat!  His appearance caused a palpable reaction through the room as audience members gasped with excitement!

After asking the Cheshire Cat if he saw the White Rabbit, he pointed them in this or that direction and they ended up at the Mad Tea Party!  Again, another palpable reaction with the appearance of the ultra rare March Hare who nobody has seen in years and years.

After some tea, the White Rabbit comes to announce the arrival of the Queen of Hearts!

And, in the end, a mad processional was in order...

...with Mickey and the Cheshire Cat seeing everyone off!

Next, Mickey asked Pluto what his dream was.  I'm not sure if I'm right, but I'm fairly sure he dreamed of a giant bone...

...and Pluto got his wish!

Although, that Pluto always ends up finding himself in some trouble as Shenzi, Banzai and Ed from The Lion King come...

Thankfully, Rafiki was close by and, along with Timon, tell Pluto to Hakuna Matata!

Pluto then learns a little something about the Circle of Life!

Next, Mushu was drawn in the stars.  And, suddenly, he came to life!

Mulan then joined him on stage...

...and, soon, we were transported to China for Minnie's dream of romance!  Minnie has to get Mulan ready for her own romance, including a change into a brand new dress.

Suddenly, Li Shang and his troops come in as they prepare to stop the threat of the villainous Hun Shuan Yu!

Shan Yu arrives and Li Shang engages him in a deadly battle...

...Li Shang is almost defeated, but Mulan comes up with a plan...

...and, with the help of everybody, Shan Yu is defeated!

Li Shang is happy to see Mulan and asks her for her hand in marriage... is a time to celebrate and Minnie's dream of romance comes true for the lovely new couple!

And, next, Chip 'n' Dale get into a little mischief in the Andes as part of the royal guard of the Incan Empire!

The screen curtain opens and reveals Yzma from Disney's The Emperor's New Groove!  She schemes with Kronk on taking over the Empire!  I, of course, was having a heart attack from the excitement!

But, not to worry, Mickey is there to help poor Kuzco who had been transformed into a llama...

...and he enlists the help of Chip 'n' Dale to help Kuzco turn back into a human.  But, of course, Yzma and Kronk try to stop them!

In the end, the good guys prevail and Kuzco becomes human again!

And, finally, Goofy is ready for his dream to be a hero!  To do so, he must battle Dr. Facilier...

Thankfully, Goofy is able to defeat him!  And, this makes it safe for Tiana, Naveen, and Louis to return!  It was time to party!

After all the celebrating on the bayou, a drawing of Sleeping Beauty Castle appears on the screen...

The screen opens to reveal Mickey and friends dressed in special Disney Dreamers Everywhere outfits.  They all join to sing the ultimate dreaming song, "When You Wish Upon A Star!"

...and, finally, all the characters from the show joined them!

And, with that, the dreaming was over!

I cannot express to you how amazing this show was.  It was well beyond my expectations.  Not only did the show contain characters I have never met and have only dreamed of meeting, but the production was out of this world.  It was, for all intents and purposes, a Broadway quality type show.  The characters, the dancers and the performers put their hearts and souls into this show and it was not without appreciation.  I wish we could have watched it again and again.  I felt like such a little kid, constantly at the edge of my seat and with my heart constantly filling with excitement.  Thank you to everyone who put this production together.  It was the best ending to a Disney Dreamers Everywhere event one could ever ask for!


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