May 23, 2013 - Meet and Dreams: Dream of Adventure

Despite having a wet morning, after we had breakfast, it was relatively sunny and kind of warm outside.  Then, after our Dream of Discovery, the weather started turning drastically.  I snapped this photo of the Castle as we walked by to our next "Meet and Dreams."

By the time we got to the Restaurant Hakuna Matata in Adventureland, where we'd be having our "Dream of Adventure" outside, it started hailing!  And it was FREEZING!  If you blow up the photo below, you can see the hail coming down.  It was so crazy.  Not too long before, it was sunny and beautiful!  Go figure...Adventure is out there! :D

We ducked into the restaurant for about 10 minutes and the next thing you know it was sunny and warm again.  It was perfect for our "Dream of Adventure."

When we walked over to the meet-and-greet area, we immediately saw a statue of Kevin and we knew it had to be the characters from Disney/Pixar's UP.  While I've met Russell, Carl and Dug before, it was cool seeing all three of them together.  Plus, I love seeing the UP characters any time! :)


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