May 22, 2013 - Opening Ceremony for the Disneyland Paris Resort

Later that evening, the Disney Dreamers Everywhere Opening Ceremony for the Disneyland Paris Resort was held.  At this time, about 25 more Disney Dreamers came and joined us for the rest of the trip.  To celebrate this auspicious occasion, we had a beautiful dinner reception at the Founder's Club at the Disneyland Hotel before we went to the ceremony.

After dinner, we were escorted into Disneyland Paris.  By this time, the park was closed and we were the only ones there.  One of the most wonderful things about going in before or after a park has closed is to see views like this.

Not only is it breathtaking, but, it is so peaceful.  No guests screaming.  No frenzy of people getting from one attraction to another.  Just peaceful.

We were brought to the Royal Castle Stage on the Discoveryland side of the Castle...

...and, soon, the stage and the Castle started to twinkle with colors and lights...

...and, then, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Max, Pluto, Chip 'n' Dale, Clarice and Duffy came out all dressed in their 20th Anniversary costumes!

After a little song and dance, Mickey told Duffy that a friend of his would now be joining him at Disneyland Paris!

We turned around to see dancers dressed in colorful outfits as we anxiously awaited to see who Mickey and Duffy were introducing...

...and the she appeared!  ShellieMay!

Now, you have to understand that this was a monumental occasion because, until that moment, ShellieMay was exclusive to Tokyo DisneySea at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort.  I mean, until our Disney Dreamers Everywhere, she couldn't even meet-and-greet with Duffy.  So, to have her now appearing outside of Tokyo DisneySea was BIG!

ShellieMay then joined Duffy and all his friends for more dancing and singing...

And, after her proper introduction, Disneyland Paris Ambassadors Antonella Giallombardo and Jonathan Rabeute came up on stage to welcome us all to Disneyland Paris.

After the final delivery of the Disney Dreamers Everywhere Passport, we had an opportunity to be some of the first people to not only meet ShellieMay outside of Tokyo but, for the first time, in Paris!

Photo from Disney Dreamers Everywhere
And, then, afterward, Mickey and friends joined ShellieMay on stage and we were allowed to take a group shot with them!

Photo from Disney Dreamers Everywhere
After the event, I remember turning around to take one final picture of the Castle and getting a bit misty eyed.

It was a beautiful evening and I was excited to see what else would happen during our time at Disneyland Paris.  And, believe me, there's so much more...


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