May 22, 2013 - Disney Magic on Parade!

From Adventure Isle, we raced down Main Street to watch "Disney Magic on Parade!"  First of all, I'd just like to say that I absolutely LOVE the layout of Disneyland Paris as you can literally get from the back of the park to the front of the park while a parade is going almost without knowing a parade is going on at all.  It's so easy to move about.

For Disneyland Paris's 20th Anniversary, they re-appropriated several of the floats from the previous parade and added new and more characters!  And, they added a new theme song - "Magic Everywhere" - where if you sit in the Castle Lounge long enough, you'll probably memorize all the lyrics because they play it every other song.  That said, like "Happiness Is Here" in Tokyo, I also very much enjoy "Magic Everywhere."  Perhaps it was because the first time I got to watch the new parade was at Disneyland Paris's 20th Anniversary and I remember the magic of that day!  I'll blog about that trip further down the line.

Anyway, here are pictures from this fantastic parade...

This parade reminds me of the importance of having a finale float.  Like "Happiness Is Here" in Tokyo, there is something that makes your heart fill when seeing Mickey and friends at the end of the parade.

Now, the inevitable question now that I've been to all 5 theme parks and seen all the parades (with, sadly, the Magic Kingdom parade being least for this trip)...which is my favorite parade?  It's a difficult one because I think every parade has something special to offer.  But, I do think "Happiness Is Here" is still my favorite of them all.  Although, "Disney Magic on Parade!" does come close.


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