May 22, 2013 - Adventure Isle and La Cabane des Robinson

After leaving the Castle, we went over to Adventureland to explore Adventure Isle and La Cabane des Robinson (Swiss Family Treehouse).  This is another area I'd been dying to explore since I first visited Disneyland Paris!

Of course, Captain Hook's Ship and Skull Rock were on the top of my list of areas to explore on Adventure Isle!

I have to say that it was like reclaiming my childhood!  So many memories rushed back as I boarded Captain Hook's Ship!

We then headed into the Pirates Grotto where we got lost in a stalagmite maze and saw Ben Gunn's treasure!

We then headed up to Spyglass Hill...

...where we got many fantastic views of Adventureland!

From there, we took Pont Suspendu (the Supension Bridge) over to the Northern Island where La Cabane des Robinson stands!  Oh, look at wacky Dan!  Jon is trying to pretend he is not part of our group.  LOL!

From that vantage point, we got more great views of Adventureland!

But, before we headed to La Cabane des Robinson, we took the Pont Flottant (Floating Bridge) to the wreckage of the Robinson's ship.

And, then, it was time to finally head over to La Cabane des Robinson!

Now, truth be told, I've never been here nor there about the change over of the Swiss Family Treehouse at Disneyland to Tarzan Treehouse.  I think they themed Tarzan Treehouse very nicely and, honestly, I happen to like Disney's animated feature Tarzan.  But, I am glad that they kept it the Swiss Family Treehouse at Disneyland Paris.  It works very well within not only a European setting, but within the area that does pay respects to Walt Disney's Treasure Island as well.

Beneath La Cabane des Robinson are caves as well that are themed to the area.

I love how you, as opposed to the rocky caves of Pirates Grotto, the caves are covered with roots...the roots of the Treehouse's host tree.

Oh, what a wonderful time I had exploring Adventure Isle!  I liked how it was like Tom Sawyer Island in the way that you can explore, but, it seemed more accessible to adults.  At Disneyland, I live in fear of not being able to fit in some of the tunnels or being tripped down a steep rocky stair by a child or tripping a child down the same kind of stair.  But, on Adventure Isle, I felt that I could be a child at heart exploring at ease!  I definitely want to come back to Adventure Isle


  1. Adventure Isle and the Treehouse areas are among my most favourite areas of the park. It adds so much depth to the land, and really makes you feel like you're having an adventure! And the plus side is, it really IS fun, and you don't have to line up for hours to experience it!

  2. And, as I mentioned, you still get the Tom Sawyer's Island experience without having to be 4 feet tall. I felt I could explore Adventure Isle with ease and I appreciated that.


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