May 21, 2013 - Saying Hello To WALL-E and EVE

Every time I'm at Disneyland Paris, I have to say hello to WALL-E and EVE who are forever holding hands in Discoveryland.  They were added in 2010 as part of the Magical Moments Festival.  I hope they keep them there forever!

I hope WALL-E and EVE find a place to get out of the rain before they rust!


  1. I chose a blog entry at random, because I wanted to say... now that you've done the whole trip, what do you think you'll write about next? :D

  2. It's hard to choose. Because I just blogged about all the resorts, I actually might start off in Hawai'i with my trip to the Aulani since that's one I hadn't covered. Then, I'll probably blog about the first trip I took with everybody to Disneyland Paris in 2011! Then, I'll just probably set up a dart board and randomly select that way. LOL!

  3. Oh yeah, seeing pics and hearing your thoughts on the Aulani would be cool! Bring it on! LOL!

  4. LOL...oh, I will bring it. LOL! I just have a couple of closing things about this trip I want to a character count. Stuff like that. Then, on to Aulani. :)


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