May 21, 2013 - Pirates of the Caribbean

As I mentioned, just beyond Captain Hook's Ship and Skull Rock, you find Pirates of the Caribbean.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of it during this trip because it started raining a little harder once I passed Skull Rock and I tucked my camera away.  But, here's one picture I took on the ride...

And here's us going down Dead Man's Drop...

Pirates of the Caribbean is an interesting attraction at Disneyland Paris.  It is, on one level, similar to the other versions, but, at the same time, completely different.  Gone are several of the more whimsical Marc Davis designed pirates in lieu of something more realistic looking.  The song is only a suggestion within the ride rather than the theme song.  And, the biggest difference is that, the narrative is backwards, starting with the world of the pirates first and then becoming a more skeletal world at the end.  I can't say that I like it or dislike it.  It's fine for what it is.  But, admittedly, it is not my favorite attraction at Disneyland Paris.  Although, I do like it better than the version in Walt Disney World,.

Sorry I don't have more, but I'll post more pictures of Pirates when I blog about other past trips and big events I have attended.  It was just with the rain, I didn't really feel like having it out unless necessary.


  1. For what it's worth, I like DLP's a lot, and rate it alongside DL's and Tokyo's really, for different reasons. But WDW, well, that's another story! LOL!


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