May 21, 2013 - Lunch at the Blue Lagoon

After our ride on Pirates of the Caribbean, we went to have lunch at the Blue Lagoon, Disneyland Paris's version of the Blue Bayou.

Like the Blue Bayou, you can see the Pirates of the Caribbean canal and watch the boats go by...

But, unlike the Blue Bayou which feels like you're at a French Quarter restaurant on the Bayou, the Blue Lagoon feels more like what would happen if the Swiss Family Robinson opened up a restaurant on their deserted island.  It's got a charming, Caribbean castaway feel to it.

Sadly, I didn't take pictures of my food, but I had the Grilled Gambas which came with a fruit and vegetable salsa, aromatic rice and fried plantains.  It was quite nice to have a delicious meal and get out of the rain for awhile.

The only thing that was missing were Christopher Atkins and Brooke Shields.  LOL!


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