May 21, 2013 - Disney's 20th Anniversary Celebration Train

After we left Discoveryland, we caught the tail end of Disney's 20th Anniversary Celebration Train.

Basically, many of our favorite characters dressed in their Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary costumes come down Main Street in a train.  It stops in front of the Castle and then the characters get out and meet guests.

When we arrived, the characters had just re-boarded the train and were passing by.

Admittedly, the whole thing reminds me of the horrid "Celebrate! A Street Party" that ran for centuries at Disneyland.  Although, it really isn't.  At least, the 20th Anniversary Celebration Train at least doesn't require us to care if Eeyore loves Rock and Roll!  LOL!  It also allows for guests to meet the characters in the 20th Anniversary costumes and doesn't take the place of an actual parade either.


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