May 21, 2013 - Alice's Curious Labyrinth

One of the attractions I've most wanted to go to, yet, for some reason, have never been able, was Alice's Curious Labyrinth, Disneyland Paris's own unique attraction inspired by Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland.  So, when we got some free time in the afternoon, my friend Dan and I took off like bats so that I could finally run through it.

From atop the Queen of Heart's Castle, there are some gorgeous views of the park, even in the gloomy mist.

I must say that I absolutely love Alice's Curious Labyrinth.  I thought that the maze itself would be fairly that a child could easily follow.  But, there are actually quite a few twists and turns and dead ends.  I was fairly impressed.  Now, it's not so difficult that you'd never find your way out, but, given the time frame we had, if I didn't have Dan with me, I'd have probably gotten lost for a little while.

I also love that Disneyland Paris has something unique like this.  And, a maze is quite the fitting type of attraction to capture the madness of Alice in Wonderland.  I hope that I'm able to explore Alice's Curious Labyrinth again some day when the weather is more cooperative.


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