May 2, 2013 - Hong Kong Disneyland's Festival of the Lion King

After the parade, we walked to Adventureland and watched the Festival of the Lion King!

I LOVE the Festival of the Lion King at Hong Kong Disneyland. I had seen it at Disney's Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World and, while I like it there, this production totally blows it out of the water to me. I think part of it is it streamlines the production by taking out the audience participation part.  Like parade show stops, I dislike audience participation in some shows as it takes you out of the moment.  Some shows audience participation is appropriate, but, with a production like the Festival of the Lion King, it just reminds me we're watching a show rather than living the dream.

I will go out on a limb and say it is one of my FAVORITE stage shows in ANY DISNEY PARK around the world.

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