May 2, 2013 - Hong Kong Disneyland's Flights of Fantasy Parade

After our Grand Marshaling of the parade, we were brought to a VIP area to view the "Flights of Fantasy" Parade.

What's funny about the "Flights of Fantasy" Parade was the first time I watched in during the summer of 2011, when the music started, I wracked my brain to figure out what the song was because it sounded so familiar.  Then, I realized that it was the same tune as Disneyland's "Mickey's Soundsational" Parade which came out that same year.  Although, I'll admit I like the lyrics to "Flights of Fantasy" better.  The "Mickey's Soundsational" song seems more like filler between the musical floats whereas "Flights of Fantasy" song has more of a presence.

Actually, I wanted to share another funny story about the last time we watched the parade in 2011 from this exact area.  As you can tell in the photos, the skies are quite overcast, making the temperatures quite temperate.  But, the last time we were here, it was sweltering hot and HUMID.  The location had no shade.  It was at this point in the parade that I realized I had dropped something on the ground.  I bent down the pick it up and got light headed.  I almost passed out in the middle of the parade.  And, the thing I'll always remember is that the dancers noticed me almost passing out and stopped dancing to make sure I was okay.  That's the day I realized how AWESOME the Hong Kong Disneyland cast members were.

I enjoy the "Flights of Fantasy" Parade.  I think the floats are nice looking, especially Mickey's Airship at the beginning.  But, like "Mickey's Soundsational," which, again, came out in the same year, I think the parade feels short.  And, to make up for it, it does one thing that I absolutely abhor in Disney Parades - A show stop.  I think show stops slows down the flow of the parade and just takes you out of the magic.  Finally, like "Mickey's Soundsational," this parade lacks any kind of finale float.  At least with "Mickey's Soundsational," the Mary Poppins float is huge and impressive looking.  "Flights of Fantasy" just suddenly ends with a Toy Story float.

That said, I do think it's a lovely parade with a catchy tune and one that I look forward to watching when I'm there!

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