May 2, 2013 - Grizzly Gulch

Once we passed through Main Street, we headed almost immediately to Hong Kong Disneyland's newest land at the time - Grizzly Gulch!

Meeting at the front of Grizzly Gulch were Chip 'n' Dale in these really cute prospector costumes.  I just had to say hello!

Unlike the other Magic Kingdom parks around the world, Hong Kong Disneyland does not have a Frontierland.  So, walking through Grizzly Gulch felt reminiscent of a Frontierland with its western themed facades.

We then watched the Welcome Wagon Show, a musical western show with both English and Chinese speaking hosts.  It's got a lot of high energy and, despite the Chinese language, seemed like it could have been something right out of a Frontierland show (although, one could argue that the Chinese were very prevalent in western culture with the construction of the railroad and the gold rush, thus making it even more authentic).

And, after the show, I was made an honorary citizen of Grizzly Gulch!  Yahoo!!!

After the show, we went to say hello to Mickey and Minnie who were also dressed in cute prospector outfits.  Mickey and Minnie had Geyser Gulch, a beautifully themed water play area, as their backdrop.

From Mickey's and Minnie's meet-and-greet area, I could see the gates of Mystic Point!  Oh, how I longed to see beyond the gates!

After meeting Mickey and Minnie, we went to ride Grizzly Gulch's E-Ticket signature attraction - Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars!!!!

If I had to try to describe the ride to somebody, I would probably say it's 2/3 Big Thunder Mountain and 1/3 Expedition Everest.  It's a very smooth ride and lots of fun.  And, of those bears along the way get you into a lot of trouble!  LOL!

After the ride, we passed the one little merchandise cart called, adorably enough, Bear Necessities.  I saw a stuffed plush set of Chip 'n' Dale as prospectors and had to get them!

Now, this is where I diverge chronologically from our journey as it just makes sense to keep some of this stuff together.  So, let's just say we had lunch at the area's only restaurant, a counter service one, called the Lucky Nugget Saloon.

I had the Shrimp and Chips which were actually quite delicious, especially for a theme park counter service.  But, the BEST thing they served there was the Grizzly Geyser, an extremely refreshing beverage with peach, lychee syrup, sprite and a strawberry popping boba!  Of course this is only in Hong Kong!  Oh, how I wish they had it at Disneyland!!!!

Again, not quite sure why I didn't take a picture of the actual drink.  But, thankfully, I had this pic of it on the menu.

After lunch, on the way out, we stopped by to say hello to Koda and Kenai, Grizzly Gulch's resident bears!

I found the whole area to be nicely themed and quite beautiful.  Although, for a land that takes us a large piece of real estate, it would be nice if the area had one true store within it.  It has the cute "Bear Necessities" cart which sells the specialized merchandise, but, I'd have loved to have seen more.  Other than that, I think it's one of my favorite areas of Hong Kong Disneyland.

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