May 2, 2013 - Entering Hong Kong Disneyland

After breakfast, we loaded these cool Mystic Point themed buses.  Mystic Point, by the way, is the newest land at Hong Kong Disneyland.  When we were there, it was not open yet.  But, with Mystic Point's nearing completion and that there was already previews of the new land, we were all so excited that we might get to see it during our stay in Hong Kong!

On the buses, we were all handed these VIP badges that made us feel special.

Then, we headed over to Hong Kong Disneyland!

For those of you have been to Disneyland in Anaheim, entering Main Street at Hong Kong Disneyland seems very familiar.  From the buildings to the Castle, it is all modeled after the original Magic Kingdom.  Only the names have changed.

And, at the end of the street, Sleeping Beauty Castle, an almost exact replica of the one at the original Magic Kingdom.  The main difference, though, is that the paint on Hong Kong's castle seems faded and dull.  The overcast skies only made it seem more faded.  One of the cast members told me that it was a sign that Hong Kong Disneyland will never be completed and will always grow.  But, I would think that they'd want the iconic centerpiece of the park to be more brilliant and pop.


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