May 18, 2013 - Mission: SPACE

Before going to our Closing Ceremony, there was time for a final ride on Mission: SPACE!

Walking into the Pavilion, we were prepped for our mission...

...we boarded the capsule and we were off to Mars!

Admittedly, I was a bit nervous about riding Mission: SPACE, especially knowing that we were going to take the more intense Orange Team mission.  The last time I did the Orange Team mission, I ended up making the mistake of looking around while the capsule was in motion.  While I was okay getting off, I have to admit I was nauseous for several hours after.  So, this time, I made sure I just kept focused facing forward.  And, thankfully, I made it through feeling absolutely okay.

I have mixed feelings about Mission: SPACE.  I have nothing wrong with the attraction itself.  I think it's fun and it's nicely themed throughout.  BUT, it also lies on top of one of my favorite attractions from the old Epcot - Horizons.  It, along with Kitchen Kabaret at The Land Pavilion and the original Journey Into Imagination, were musts for me every time we visited Epcot.  So, it is bittersweet to look at this direction and not be able to see Horizons anymore.


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