May 17, 2013 - Under The Sea: Journey Of The Little Mermaid

For me, more successful than Enchanted Tales with Belle is the Under The Sea: Journey Of The Little Mermaid attraction.  The show building is absolutely beautiful and, like everything in the Enchanted Forest, wonderfully themed.

This is where it was kind of a bummer to use the alternate entrance because I had heard many wonderful things about the queue area and all its little interactive crabs.  I would have loved to have seen this.

The boarding area definitely looked beautiful and I liked the sunset look of the mural.

The ride through itself is almost identical to Disney California Adventure's Ariel's Undersea Adventure with just a few improvements which are probably not noticeable to the general public...

Notice Atlantica in the background which is different than the one in California...

Ariel looks less covered by kelp in this scene than she does in California after they changed her hair...

While the ride through is very similar to Disney California Adventure's version, I do think I like this version much better from beginning to end.  I have always thought that the queue area they built for the California version is not very attractive.  It does the job, but, it's not the kind of detailed queue that we come to expect from Disney.  And, you never get a sense of becoming immersed into the world of the Little Mermaid like you do even in the short queue area we experienced in Florida.  Looking at Florida's version, I feel like we were cheated.  LOL!

And, the other thing that I think they should have added to Disney California Adventure was something like their Ariel's Grotto where you can meet Ariel as a mermaid.

You can always meet Ariel on her...what do you call them?...oh...feet.  But, its not often you get to meet her as a mermaid and I felt it would have been a nice addition to the California version.


  1. Jon and I both sat here and went "interactive crabs?!" LOL. We rode this in April, and we didn't see them then, or in May!

  2. I thought I had seen pictures and video somewhere of little interactive crabs in the queue of the ride. I'll have to find links or pictures. I just remember thinking, "Boy, were we given the short end of the stick in California." LOL!

  3. Oh I totally agree, you were! LOL! But I just have never seen crabs :P Obviously we all walk around with our eyes closed seeing as we went in the FP entrance, and not the exit this day ;)


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