May 17, 2013 - New Fantasyland's Enchanted Forest

Several people watched the "Celebrate A Dream Come True" parade on Main Street.  I would have liked to have watched it, but, our viewing area was in a sunny and hot location.  Given that I had already sat out in the sun for the Legends of the Force Motorcade this morning, I was worried that I'd get heat stroke and decided to stand in the shade.

After the parade, we headed to the New Fantasyland!  Last time I was here, they were just putting the final touches on the second phase.  We were able to see the Storybook Circus part, but not the Enchanted Forest section.

As we walked in, I have to admit I didn't get these walls...

They're just kinda these walls that are not connected to anything and look kinda weird.  I mean, they're pretty.  But, I'm trying to figure out what function they have.

Also, admittedly, I was kind of disappointed by the first thing being I see is an attraction still in completion - The Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride!

Once you get past all the construction walls, the Enchanted Forest is quite lovely.  You really do feel like you've entered a favorite fairytale.

The first area you pass is devoted to Beauty and the Beast.  Enchanted Tales with Belle is right up front and is housed in Maurice's and Belle's cottage.  I will talk about this attraction more in detail in another blog entry as I want to use this entry to just walk through the Enchanted Forest.

Just beyond Enchanted Tales with Belle is the Beast's Castle which houses the Be Our Guest Restaurant. I wish I could have walked inside, but they didn't allow people in without a reservation.  I guess I can understand as I wouldn't want throngs of people ruining my magic as I'm enjoying the restaurant as they try to take a peek.

And, then, when you cross this bridge, you arrive in the village where you can find Gaston's Tavern.  It seemed cute.  Again, I wish I could have explored some of these places, but, due to lack of time, I didn't get to see.

And, almost immediately next to the village is Prince Eric's Kingdom which houses Under The Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid, which is the New Fantasyland's version of Disney California Adventure's Ariel's Undersea Adventure.  Again, I'll blog about this attraction in another blog entry.

Again, I'm going to say that I think the area is absolutely beautiful.  But, I have to say that I'm at a loss as to why they wanted to do everything piece meal rather than one gigantic launch for the New Fantasyland.  When they completed the expansion at and re-dedicated Disney California Adventure, it was breathtaking.  I remember walking into the Ornament Valley in Cars Land and then onto the main street in Radiator Springs and immediately feeling like I was transported to a new place.  I remember my heart skipping a beat and my eyes opening wide as I let out a gasp!

As I walked through New Fantasyland, I wondered what it would have been like if half of Cars Land were boarded up.  I think the "WOW" factor would have been taken out of it.  And, so, honestly, I admit that the "WOW" factor was kinda not there for me because I kept looking at the construction walls which makes up a giant border of the Enchanted Forest.

I look forward to visiting it again once everything is complete.

Alright...let's talk about the attractions I did see...moving on...


  1. In regards to the castle walls, they're part of the new storyline and placemaking that were devised for the new Fantasyland.

    The area between the castle and the walls (the Carousel, PhilharMagic, Small World, Peter Pan, etc.) is the castle courtyard, with the forest (Beauty and the Beast, Mermaid, Snow White, etc.) being outside the walls.

  2. I think what Loren is saying is that the walls re disjointed. They don't physically connect to anything. They just sit there. And they will still do that when the Mine Train is open... so... how do they separate the courtyard form the outside?

  3. Also, (sorry me again lol!), Loren, if you want to see pics of Be Our Guest from when Jon and I dined there, check out its page at Character Central! :D We have 4 pages of pics hehe

  4. Yes, that's what I was trying to say, Dan. In an area that just seems incomplete right now, these castle walls only further exemplify it.

    I actually saw your pictures, Dan. LOL! It looks fantastic. I was more bummed to not have been able to see it with my own eyes. As we talked about, sometimes, looking at pictures, it's still different than a personal experience.


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