May 17, 2013 - A Jawa, A Clone Trooper, A Togruta...Oh, My!

After the Legends of the Force Motorcade, we walked around the Streets of America in hopes of quickly meeting a few Star Wars characters before we had to head out.

I had the pleasure of meeting a Jawa who was there to Celebrate!

And, I also happened upon a Clone Trooper patrolling the street!

We also happened to see Shaak Ti, that famous Togruta Jedi Knight!

Soon after walking around, we got the call to meet the other Disney Dreamers over at the Magic Kingdom.  It felt like a short time we were there, but we were excited to know that we'd return the next day for a longer amount of time.  So, stay tuned for more photos in the coming blog entries about Star Wars weekends, including more meet-and-greets and another view of the Legends of the Force Motorcade!


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