May 17, 2013 - Exploring Star Wars Weekend

Since Star Wars Weekends, the annual event that takes place at Disney's Hollywood Studios, was starting when we were there, Dan, Jon and I, all big Star Wars fans, just had to go!

I had never been before, so I was so excited to go.  And, since we knew we were getting a late start again that day, we arranged to take a shuttle from the hotel to Walt Disney World to explore Star Wars Weekends before we had to meet up with the rest of the Disney Dreamers!

When we first entered, there were Stormtroopers on Hollywood Boulevard monitoring everybody's arrival.

 Further down the street, at the stage set up by the Sorcerer's Hat, Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper kept guard over Han Solo in Carbonite.

We went to check the line for Darth's Mall, the official store for Star Wars Weekend, but it was literally hours long.  And, since we didn't have a lot of time that morning, we decided to move on and hope that the line would be shorter a little later.

We did, however, happen into Tatooine Traders near Star Tours and spotted some new merchandise...

We also found some of the event merchandise.  I had to get the official Star Wars Weekend t-shirt!

The new Star Wars Vinylmation set was out and I spotted two that I absolutely needed - WICKET and LOGRAY!

I bought a couple of boxes and look who I got in one of them!  I was a happy camper!  A happy camper who needed a shave...

Outside of Tatooine Traders, we spotted our friend Chewbacca...

Soon, it was time for the Legends of the Force Motorcade which I will blog about that in another blog entry.


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