May 17, 2013 - Enchanted Tales with Belle

So, the first attraction you come across when entering the Enchanted Forest at the New Fantasyland is Enchanted Tales with Belle...

You go up the path and head toward a loving recreation of Maurice's and Belle's cottage.

We didn't stand in the regular queue, so we didn't get to see one of the anterior rooms as you enter.  But, then again, thankfully, we didn't have to stand in the hot sun.

Where we did enter was where the Enchanted Mirror was located.  As the room fills, the Enchanted Mirror opens a magical door to the Beast's Castle!

When we pass through, we are greeted by the Wardrobe and a cast member who tell us that Belle is going to re-tell the tale of her meeting the Beast.  The Wardrobe has various props and clothing within her as the cast member picks guests to cast for various parts.

We are then taken into the Beast's Library where Lumiere is standing on the mantle of the fireplace...

Lumiere invites in Belle who tells the guests the tale of her meeting the Beast with the help of those who were cast by the Wardrobe and the cast member in the other room...

After the storytelling, Belle gets some pictures with those who were cast as part of the story.

So, I'll start with the positives.  I think Maurice's cottage is a great recreation of what we've seen in the film.  I love the Enchanted Mirror idea.  I remember them doing something similar at the Parks and Resorts Pavilion during the 2009 D23 Expo and absolutely loving it.  It seemed so magical and I had the same kind of feeling watching the Enchanted Mirror here.  I love the audio-animatronic Wardrobe and Lumiere.  And I think the library is a charming recreation.

But, here's the thing for's a lot of real estate for very little pay off.  The storytelling is akin to that kind of cheesy storytelling they did away with at Disneyland with the old Princess Fantasy Faire.  But, at the end of it, you end up with the "haves" and the "have-nots."  The people who volunteered to be cast in the show get the meet-and-greet opportunity while everybody else awkwardly watches.  Even with the old Disneyland Princess Fantasy Faire or even the new Royal Theater shows at the new Fantasy Faire does EVERYBODY have an opportunity to meet the characters.

In the end, I just didn't get Enchanted Tales with Belle...


  1. I don't "get it" much either. Jon and I would never voluntarily line up for this again... Once we did because it was our first time... the second time was on tour. But there's very little reason to want to stand i nthe baking hot sun for this.


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