May 16, 2013 - Walking Around Lovely Anandapur

The "Asia" land of Disney's Animal Kingdom revolves around a mythical kingdom named Anandapur which draws influence from several Asian cultures.  I think it's an absolutely beautiful world they created that gives you a sense of walking through a romanticized Asian village.  Honestly, if I were an Annual Passholder at Walt Disney World, I'd spend a lot of time just walking between here and Africa's mythical town of Harambe.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some photos I took as we walked through this breathtaking place...

I just wish I could have gone inside the Maharajah Jungle Trek which, along with the Pangani Exploration Trail in the Africa section, are my two favorite areas in Disney's Animal Kingdom.  I like them even more than the crown jewel of the park itself - the Kilimanjaro Safari.  They're walk through "safaris" where you can look at the animals at your leisure.  To call them miniature zoos is not accurate as the theming of these trails are just so magnificent that you actually feel like you're walking in the middle of the jungle in some far off country.  I have never felt such a stronger connection to the animals than after walking through one of these trails.

After I finish blogging about our month long trip, I'd like to blog about other trips I've taken and will definitely share photos of this gorgeous Jungle Trek at that time.


  1. Wait, they have an Asia-land in Disney California Adventure?! ;) ...

  2. Oh, dear god! I thought I caught them all when I was writing it. LOL! Too many "Disney's" so-and-so parks. LOL! Fixed!

  3. LOL... I just thought it was funny :P No doubt some half witted person would have fully believed it haha!
    Btw... I look forward to reading your new blogs about other trips! :D :D

  4. Although, if they build Anandapur or something like it at Disney's California Adventure, I would be quite happy. :D


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