May 16, 2013 - Meeting Mickey and Minnie at the Adventurers Outpost

After taking a leisurely walk past the Tree of Life, we stopped by the new Adventurers Outpost where Mickey and Minnie in their explorer outfits are now meeting.

The queue area is full of cute photos of Mickey and Minnie exploring places around the world...

...and, then, it was time to say hello to Mickey and Minnie!

I know they used to meet at Camp Minnie-Mickey and I'm not sure why they moved over to this meet-and-greet area.  I think it's a cute area, but, I'm also not a big fan of indoor meet-and-greets because the lighting is always so bad.  But, overall, I think the area is a cute area and it's always nice to get a photo of both Mickey and Minnie together.


  1. The biggest problem with this new meet 'n' greet is that they took out retail space for it, and didn't really (not REALLY) do a good job of it.
    DAK is in desperate need of something, ANYTHING. It lacks retail and dining space, and all they did was put Mickey and Minnie in there in their existing costumes. They didn't even bother to give them new ones.
    And to make to worse, they just keep cutting characters. By putting Mickey and minnie over there now, they didn't even gain anyone in Camp Minnie-Mickey... they just keep moving characters around. Makes me so mad!
    Once Jammin' Jungle goes in the autumn there will very little draw to make the effort to go over there. It's so far away, and can take up to an hour on the stupid WDW busses, that cutting stuff is going to seriously impact on its attendance, I think.
    Sorry for the rant LOL! :P


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