May 16, 2013 - Kali River Rapids

So, as I've mentioned to you before, several members of this group LOVE water rides!  And, of course, the last ride we got to ride, which they kept open especially for us - Kali River Rapids.

Of course, I'm no fool...I did not bring my camera on it because, as always, we ride until we're soaked.  Although, my friend Robert did get this picture of me in the raft.

I'll just share this photo of my friends, the Kelly family, to represent how wet we got...

And, of course, the more wet you are, the more shenanigans occur, as in these photos of my friend Robert getting rid of the excess water in his shoe...

Thankfully, Disney Outfitters on Discovery Island stayed open for us to get a change of clothing or we'd have to go to our event soaking wet.  But, no, Chris, I don't think this hat will help you feel any dryer...but you do look like you're ready for a luncheon. :D


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