May 15, 2013 - Trying To Find The Citizens Of Hollywood

One of the best things at Disney's Hollywood Studios are the Citizens of Hollywood.  I love to watch them when I come.  So, we spent a great deal of time just sitting on Sunset Boulevard waiting for them to come.

Unfortunately, the only people that came out were these people trying to screen test guests...

Apparently, the Citizens of Hollywood had gone home early that day.  While this crew was humorous, but, at the same time, doing schtick that the Citizens of Hollywood could have done.

So, to make me feel better, my friend Robert pretended he was a REAL Citizen of Hollywood.  LOL!

What was hilarious was that the guy who came by to put money in his hat was actually just some random passerby.  He did it so straight faced that we were all dying from laughing watching it happen.  Even other random people were cracking up.  This was one of the most memorable moments from the trip for sure.  LOL!


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