May 15, 2013 - Fantasmic!

In the evening, we watched Fantasmic! at the Hollywood Hills Amphitheater...

I like Walt Disney World's Fantasmic!, but I will admit it is my least favorite on the Fantasmic! shows.  While I like the amphitheater style seating as opposed to Disneyland's uncomfortable cobblestones, there is a certain energy you get from watching on the Rivers of America that you don't get from the amphitheater.  The show seems really far away as opposed to right in front of you.  When the dragon breathes fire, you don't quite feel the heat as much as you do at Disneyland.  And, while I do enjoy the Pocahontas sequence, it cannot beat the Peter Pan scene at Disneyland which uses the Columbia as Captain Hook's ship.  That scene makes me feel like a little kid every time.  Also, and I don't remember this as much from last time, but I felt large portions of this show was on projections on water screens.  I know they do water projections at Disneyland as well, but it doesn't seem as numerous.

I don't mean to slam Walt Disney World's Fantasmic!, because I do think it is an enjoyable show...just different from Disneyland's which I enjoy so much.


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