May 15, 2013 - Entering Disney's Hollywood Studios

After a nice night's sleep, we went for a day at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

We walked down Hollywood Boulevard...

I remember when they first talked about building Buena Vista Street at Disney California Adventure that it would be a copy of Hollywood Boulevard at Disney's Hollywood Studios.  But, there are actually some major differences.  The architecture on Hollywood Boulevard mimics many of the famous buildings of actual Hollywood whereas the architecture of Buena Vista Street is inspired by 1920s-1930s Los Angeles architecture.  But, the biggest difference is that Hollywood Boulevard serves more as a transit point and entertainment corridor.  Buena Vista Street transports you back to a different time and serves more as a community center.  I think both serve their purposes for both parks and I actually enjoy both streets.


  1. It really is NOT the same thing! LOL! I do like both, and agree they both offer different experiences relevant to their location.


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