May 14, 2013 - Opening Ceremony for the Walt Disney World Resort

So, with an hour to freshen up, we were on our way to Epcot for the Opening Ceremony for the Walt Disney World Resort.  Donald Duck, our Character Ambassador for Disneyland, greeted us as we came in.  It was cool to see him wearing his old Disney California Adventure outfit!

When we got to the end of the path taking us to the American Adventure, we were also greeted by the Spirit of America Fife & Drum Corp!

We were then led to the America Gardens Theatre where the Opening Ceremony would take place...

Soon, Walt Disney World Ambassador Rich Tamayo came out to welcome everybody...

...then, a couple singers came out to, obviously, sing a song...LOL...

...and they were joined by Mickey and Friends dressed in their American Adventure outfits! (Note:  Thanks to Dan from Character Central for helping identify that Minnie's costume is actually from the Backyard BBQ at Fort Wilderness and Daisy's is her Easter Parade outfit.  However, for simplicity sake, when referring to this character unit, I'll refer to them as the American Adventure outfits)

Donald then came out dressed in his American Adventure outfit as well, carrying the Disney Dreamers Everywhere Passport he had brought from California...

...and then Rich Tamayo called out Pluto, our Character Ambassador for Walt Disney World, so that Donald could pass on the Passport!

Then, the characters went back in and, in a few moments, came back out dressed in outfits representing countries around the world!

After a little pyrotechnic and confetti, we were invited to come on stage to say hello to some of our friends.  Oh, how I loved these costumes!

After a bit, Rich went back on stage and invited us to have breakfast near the American Adventure.  But, before we did, a couple of group photos took place...

We then walked over to the American Adventure for our breakfast...

...but, soon, the characters arrived (wow!  they change fast!) back in their American Adventure outfits for some photo opportunities and meet and greets! :)

And with that, we finished our breakfast and got ready for a day of Epcot!


  1. Daisy's outfit is the one that they use for her in the Easter pre-parade at the Magic Kingdom every year :) You can never normally meet her in it, so it was definitely a unique opportunity!
    Also, are you going to post links on CC to DL and WDW, like you did for the Asian parks? :D

  2. Ah! I wondered why her outfit looked so different. How about Minnie's costume? Is it American Adventure or from somewhere else?

    And, yes...I'm going to post links. I was going to wait until I finished Disneyland before I did it since that leg was so short, but was too tired to do it last night. I'm going to post today.

  3. I believe Minnie's is from the Backyard BBQ at Fort Wilderness :)

  4. Thanks for clarifying! I'm going to add a slight edit.

  5. Yay! I'm famous! I got a mention in your blog edit! LOL! :P


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